Tiffani Thiessen 1990s

2021.09.26 20:25 Resident-Age-2515 Tiffani Thiessen 1990s

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2021.09.26 20:25 NikNok79 Looking for friends

41/M In Tennessee
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2021.09.26 20:25 TheSacredPotatoJesus Confused duck or something

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2021.09.26 20:25 Used-Image-3800 🚀 rADAr Token - Much More Than Just ADA Rewards 🚀

🚀🚀🚀 rADAr Token - Much More Than Just ADA Rewards 🚀🚀🚀

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💰 Contract: 0x7b6df8a7fae3d0040f307613c81c35bc607e03c6

💰 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x7b6df8a7fae3d0040f307613c81c35bc607e03c6#readContract

🔒 100% LP LOCKED: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x0a14beb946d9094b86e171849835e33b4c18ad4e
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2021.09.26 20:25 Alex_Keaton TIL that in the Superman comics there exists multiple colors of kryptonite that have different affects on Superman.

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2021.09.26 20:25 touhougod666 Did the monday patch actually fix anything?

I’ve been having the same problems after and before on the monday patch so i ask, did the patch actually fix anything or is there gonna be another patch?
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2021.09.26 20:25 HammerMS 35 [M4F] France/Anywhere - The joy of being self-employed: working on a sunday night. Come keep me company?

Heya everyone!
My name is Max, I'm a 35 french guy. I wear many hats since I work as a guitar teacher, a coder, a concert photographer and a few odd jobs here and there. I'm also the proud owner of a beautiful dog and a nice beard, and I'm not sure which one leaves the most hair around the place.
Anyway tonight I'm working since I have some code to (hopefully) finish up before the week starts, so I'm gonna be stuck in front of the computer for the next few hours. Needless to say, I'd enjoy a distracting company.
So we can chat about anything, but my personal interests includes music (duh), lots of movies and TV shows, a few video games here and there and I'm currently watching Critical Role while working. If you have any other topic of conversation, please bring them!
Also, bonus points if you're in the EU timezone (but I won't hold it against you if you're not) and double bonus points if you have a british accent (but I might hold it against you if you don't). Also, scottish and irish accents count.
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2021.09.26 20:25 tellmethetruth2 Modded c5 questions

Trying to buy a c5 and im looking at a 2001 base c5, 81k miles for maybe around 13k. Im going to be honest and say i dont know anything about mods. Is this something that should stop me from getting the car? Will any repairs be greatly more expensive because of any of these mods?
Ls1 engine, it is cammed, msd wires, iridium plugs, volant cold air intake, dynatec headers, borla exhaust, ngk seats, b&m short throw shifter, flowone f4 wheels staggered set up, and halo LED taillights.
Also what kind of performance boost am i looking at with these mods?
Thank you
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2021.09.26 20:25 kristen100894 sad mexican boi vibez

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2021.09.26 20:25 keepitspicyasmr New video out, eating cream cheese jalapenos takis.

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2021.09.26 20:25 __a7a hey does anyone have or know where i can find the edexcel math AS jan 2021 marking scheme?

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2021.09.26 20:25 rainbowsforbrunch Break a leg, bite the bullet, call it a day

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2021.09.26 20:25 CinnamonCrunchs CPSC 453

It's honestly embarrassing how poorly ran CPSC 453 (computer graphics) is this semester.
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2021.09.26 20:25 InformationFit3042 Any suggestions on how I can make this more dangerous

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2021.09.26 20:25 wish_yooper_here A father’s love 💕

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2021.09.26 20:25 Fuzzy-Asparagus9519 People

Have you seen/met the kind of people who treats one like shit and call them their friends and when that person gets fed up and leaves or moves out of the city then they are like whatever i did to him ??
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2021.09.26 20:25 NEEGASISWYLING .

Which character would you like to see next season
View Poll
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2021.09.26 20:25 MatchCaster [Post-Match thread] Oostende vs Anderlecht

[Jupiler Pro League - 2021/2022] Oostende 2-2 Anderlecht Match Info:
Oostende - 4-3-1-2
Starting XI: Guillaume Hubert, Brecht Capon, Anton Tanghe, Frederik Jakel, Théo Ndicka Matam, Maxime D'Arpino, Alfons Amade, Nick Batzner, Kenny Rocha Santos, Thierry Ambrose, Makhtar Gueye
Substitutes: Jordy Schelfhout, Zech Medley, Manuel Osifo, Vincent Koziello, Thijs Coninckx, Marko Kvasina, Evangelos Patoulidis
Coach: A. Blessin
Anderlecht - 4-4-2
Starting XI: Hendrik Van Crombrugge, Michael Murillo, Taylor Harwood-Bellis, Wesley Hoedt, Sergio Gómez, Francis Amuzu, Josh Cullen, Kristoffer Olsson, Lior Refaelov, Joshua Zirkzee, Christian Kouamé
Substitutes: Colin Coosemans, Bart Verbruggen, Bogdan Mykhaylichenko, Lisandro Magallán, Yari Verschaeren, Marco Kana, Majeed Ashimeru, Antoine Colassin, Benito Raman
Coach: V. Kompany
Match Stats:

Oostende 2 - 2 Anderlecht
43% Ball Possession 57%
9 Total Shots 15
5 Shots On Target 5
3 Shots Off Target 7
1 Blocked Shots 3
7 Shots Inside Box 13
2 Shots Outside Box 2
3 Corner Kicks 3
1 Offsides 3
10 Fouls 7
1 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 1
3 Goalkeeper Saves 3
388 Passes 496
296 (76%) Accurate Passes 405 (82%)
Match events
7' GOAL! Scored by M. Gueye (Oostende)
20' (Anderlecht)
30' GOAL! Scored by M. Gueye (Oostende)
35' Yellow Card for F. Amuzu (Anderlecht)
36' Yellow Card for T. Matam (Oostende)
47' Red Card for C. Kouamé (Anderlecht)
59' Substitution: B. Raman for L. Refaelov (Anderlecht)
63' GOAL! Scored by J. Zirkzee (Anderlecht)
78' Substitution: M. Osifo for Kenny Rocha Santos (Oostende)
78' Substitution: Z. Medley for B. Capon (Oostende)
79' Substitution: Y. Verschaeren for F. Amuzu (Anderlecht)
79' Substitution: M. Ashimeru for K. Olsson (Anderlecht)
82' GOAL! Scored by B. Raman (Anderlecht)
89' Substitution: L. Magallán for J. Zirkzee (Anderlecht)
90' Substitution: V. Koziello for N. Bätzner (Oostende)
90' Substitution: M. Kvasina for M. Gueye (Oostende)
90' Yellow Card for A. Tanghe (Oostende)
90' Match whistled off
Player Match Stats
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Makhtar Gueye 8.7 90 6 1 20 11 2
Thierry Ambrose 7.3 90 1 1 36 15 1
Alfons Amade 7.2 90 0 3 29 7 0
Kenny Rocha Santos 7.2 78 0 1 28 2 0
Brecht Capon 7 78 0 3 32 6 1
Frederik Jakel 6.9 90 1 0 46 4 0
Théo Ndicka Matam 6.9 90 0 3 40 7 1
Maxime D'Arpino 6.9 90 0 1 47 4 0
Guillaume Hubert 6.6 90 0 0 27 0 0
Nick Batzner 6.6 90 0 1 34 4 1
Anton Tanghe 6.3 90 0 3 41 7 0
Manuel Osifo 6.3 12 0 0 2 0 0
Zech Medley 6.2 12 0 0 6 1 0
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Sergio Gómez 7.5 90 1 2 54 7 1
Michael Murillo 7.2 90 0 2 47 6 0
Taylor Harwood-Bellis 7.2 90 0 1 65 9 0
Kristoffer Olsson 7.2 79 0 2 56 7 0
Lior Refaelov 6.9 59 0 1 27 4 0
Joshua Zirkzee 6.9 90 5 0 23 5 2
Majeed Ashimeru 6.9 11 0 0 12 2 2
Benito Raman 6.9 31 3 0 6 2 1
Hendrik Van Crombrugge 6.7 90 0 0 26 0 0
Wesley Hoedt 6.6 90 0 0 79 3 0
Josh Cullen 6.6 90 0 1 59 7 0
Yari Verschaeren 6.5 11 0 0 5 2 1
Francis Amuzu 6.2 79 2 0 17 9 4
Christian Kouamé 5.5 47 1 0 20 6 1

[ All data provided by MatchCaster , a next level football threading bot - fully configurable and customized threads controlled by moderators of this subreddit. We are currently in Beta, come say hi if you are interested]
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2021.09.26 20:25 froggfingers Does anyone just give away puppies anymore ?

When I was younger there was always signs up in supervalue with puppies free to good home. And there would be puppies at the farmers market every weekend for free. And everyone would know someone who was after having a bunch of puppies who were giving them away.
In the last year however, I decided I might get a small Dog because I like hillwalking and outdoorsy stuff and its always good craic to have a dog around. But I cannot find one anywhere. Like, there are no ads in supervalue, there are no dogs in the markets, and nobody seems to know anyone who has puppies.
When I look online, even the most hybridized and unwanted dog is up for 900€... like, there was a time only purebred and registered dogs would cost money but now people are trying to charge for any oul rat of a thing. Its madness.
I just want to find a small dog like a Scots Cairn or pom/terrier hybrid or something lively and small. Is it possible anymore to get a Dog without remortgaging the house ?
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2021.09.26 20:25 99disneyprincess How to describe FWB to others…

How do you describe FWB to others? I.e. if someone asks you about it can you call it ‘seeing someone’ or does that mean dating? Like what can you say to respectfully describe it? TIA
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2021.09.26 20:25 Wrario Google Smart Campaign - Can not choose goal

I am going to Create campaign then choose "Sales" after than I choose "Smart" and then filling out everything in the end on "review" google shows the campaign goal as "Website traffic". Why doesn't it show the goal as sales/conversions? How can I fix this?
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2021.09.26 20:25 -_-_binguslover_-_- are these fake?

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2021.09.26 20:25 sevenhunterAMVs sama wa kujikenai AMV Spectre

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2021.09.26 20:25 stoker15524 :8| pringles

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2021.09.26 20:25 MS-06_Borjarnon Qubeley Custom

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