Panel OKs Dems' $3.5T bill, crunch time for Biden agenda

2021.09.26 19:55 Fast_Simple_1815 Panel OKs Dems' $3.5T bill, crunch time for Biden agenda

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2021.09.26 19:55 ToeRepresentative656 Chopped my hair and I’m regretting it 😶💇🏻‍♀️ (F 19)

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2021.09.26 19:55 DarkArmpitSmell Samantha Akkineni

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2021.09.26 19:55 mesothere Number of journalists assaulted/forcibly removed from JVL event at conference

Theo Usherwood :

I have just been been forcibly removed from the JVL fringe event at the Labour Party. It is an official event in the Labour Party guide.
I was assaulted by Tony Greenstein, who was in the event, and was expelled from the Labour Party for anti-semitism. This is the moment he grabbed my phone.
David Collier:
I have just been thrown out of the JVL event at the @uklabour conference for no reason. There are people inside like Tony Greenstein who have been expelled from @uklabour. Absolute disgrace. How can a Jew go safely to an event like this if people expelled for abuse are inside?
Seems to be a developing story
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2021.09.26 19:55 editsoul 2008 BMW fault codes.

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2021.09.26 19:55 ViscousGuy Identify the tense of this sentence

"The tweet was posted at some point in past "
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2021.09.26 19:55 ilikecheeseandcats24 Day 1

im so weak
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2021.09.26 19:55 ricksanchez2801 Ich💸iel

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2021.09.26 19:55 Jadexpaws Can you help identify? I have a bird feeder above my garden and occasionally I'll getting something nice. Lol but this I have no clue? One is growing next to my calendula so please let me know if you or if it is safe.

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2021.09.26 19:55 acesuttles Assassin's Creed Odyssey 9/26/2021 #Kassandra #AssassinsCreedOdyssey #ACOdyssey #PS4 #Walkthrough #AssassinsCreedSeries #LiveStream #UBISOFT #GreekMythology #GreekStories #GreekTales #ArtofStoryTelling #HerosJourney #Uncut #Unedited #GreekWar #HistoricalFantasy

Assassin's Creed Odyssey 9/26/2021 #Kassandra #AssassinsCreedOdyssey #ACOdyssey #PS4 #Walkthrough #AssassinsCreedSeries #LiveStream #UBISOFT #GreekMythology #GreekStories #GreekTales #ArtofStoryTelling #HerosJourney #Uncut #Unedited #GreekWar #HistoricalFantasy submitted by acesuttles to MYWALKTHROUGHS [link] [comments]

2021.09.26 19:55 temporalthingss I(29F) asked my partner(32M) to skip a song he chose while I was driving

My (29F) partner (32M) and I were driving on the highway, he is playing music from his phone. We have a lot of overlapping music taste a lot of the time and this honestly is never an issue. He plays music constantly at home, owns most of the record collection, and it's usually fine.
Some background: I have a lot of driving-anxiety that I'm working on, and it had been a good drive, but a few minutes before this incident 2 cars sped past me going 100mph+, no turn signals, almost cutting me off too close for comfort. At this point I'm feeling anxiety creeping up.
Back to the music. He puts on some techno edm style stuff, which is not my favorite but for a song or two it's fine. Then this song comes on that is truly so stressful and IMO obnoxious. About 20 seconds into it I say "skip please". He takes obvious offense to this but skips anyways.
Later when we're home and he brings it up- "I don't like when you try to control me and hate on my music" and "I just want to be me and listen to what I like". This feels very dramatic to me, as I wasn't trying to control him or hate on him, I just didn't like one song at one moment. But from his perspective, I am being controlling and should have just let him play the song (even though it was stressing me out).
I personally feel like in a relationship, both of us need to be able to tell the other one when they're doing something they don't enjoy. I made it clear that he can tell me when/if I'm doing something or playing something he doesn't like- but he says "I wouldn't do that because I'm not that kind of person"- claiming moral high ground for "tolerating" the things he doesn't like more often. I don't think it makes you a bad person for telling your partner "I don't like this (insert song/movie/show/thing/etc)".
I'm mostly trying to figure out where the draw the line between how flexible I need to be, and when it's ok to speak up about stuff I don't like.
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2021.09.26 19:55 BitcoinGazete Kanada Menkul Kıymetler Düzenleyicileri Kripto Borsalarından Yanıltıcı Reklamlar Konusunda Uyardı

Yetkililer, pazarlama uygulamaları menkul kıymetler yasalarını ihlal edebilecek Kanada Kripto Ticaret Platformlarına uyarı gönderdi.
Kanada Menkul Kıymetler Yöneticileri (CSA) ve Kanada Yatırım Endüstrisi Düzenleme Kurumu (IIROC) kısa süre önce ülkedeki Kripto Ticaret Platformlarından (CTP'ler)
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2021.09.26 19:55 KingZero12 EverBridge AMA Happening NOWW!!! Come hang out and ask questions!!

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2021.09.26 19:55 dont_know_lol join before it's gone lol
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2021.09.26 19:55 atl4nz Stop expecting your Sage to wall mid every single round on Split

i main sage and it pisses me off to absolutely no end when literally every fucking round my teammates are like "WALL MID WALL MID WALL MID" like jesus christ shut the fuck up
walling mid doesnt have as much impact as you think it does and there are much better uses for it when the opportunity pops up
you know they can just break the wall right??? it takes like 6 seconds to break an entire sage wall, and wasting 400 creds for about 6 seconds less time off the clock is definitely not worth it!!!
so please, stop micro-managing your sage.
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2021.09.26 19:55 _leftface_ Can I fix my pixelated stream?

Hi all,
I'm accessing xCloud from Microsoft Edge on a Macbook Air running Linux (Xubuntu). I've tried using WiFi and Ethernet and I'm really struggling with pixelation on fast moving scenes. It's like watching an incredibly low bitrate video. Day Z is pretty much unplayable, Forza looks bad, and Battlefield is pretty rough too.
I'm based in the UK, and I'm around 200 miles away from the Azure UK South datacentre which is where I believe xCloud is running from in my region. I ran a speed and latency test on to London, and that looks absolutely fine to me. I've tried running Stadia on the same equipment and connection and that runs brilliantly.
Any ideas how I can get a more playable stream? I really want to support xCloud.
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2021.09.26 19:55 auggo3 Leaving a sitting early-ish

Hi everyone! I’m doing my first sitting and the departure time is set from 9 am-12 pm and it’s almost 11 am. The owner had me start an hour late yesterday, as she took awhile to get ready, so I’m sure that’ll be the case for her returning home today. I’ve already taken the dogs out (had to do it separately for their safety), fed them, and gave them love. The owner said she booked a Walker for today as well, but I have no idea when as she won’t respond to my messages.
The reason I want to leave now is that the dogs have been a bit of a nightmare, to the point it’s very overwhelming. The male dog repeatedly humps the female and I have to sternly tell him every 30 seconds to stop him- although I have to repeat myself as he usually won’t listen the first time. The female keeps nipping at him as well. Neither will relax. They have no toys to play with or treats I could use to distract or reward them for good behavior.
Would it be wrong of me to leave at about 11 instead of 12?
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2021.09.26 19:55 Walt_the_Wanderer Software that detects TCP listening?

I'm doing HTML programming and working with Live Server (Port 5500).
I've recently read that there are certain risks when doing so, therefore I'm wondering:
Any software out there to detect TCP listening?
Thank you!
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2021.09.26 19:55 marvelfan666 Just listen to Meddle. Absolutely brilliant, my 3rd favourite Pink Floyd album. What's your thoughts?

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2021.09.26 19:55 Ben_Kaizer Just Lang being Lang

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2021.09.26 19:55 wannabegd I did recently road way landscape illustration.

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2021.09.26 19:55 ToadBup Some liberal is bothering me about soviet hunger

Ive already got some sources but im looking to make a clipnote full of studies about this shit to spam everytime some asshole repeats the "buh but soviets hungry no food no iphone!" .
does anybody have links i could use? thx <3
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2021.09.26 19:55 Used-Image-3800 🚀 rADAr Token - Much More Than Just ADA Rewards 🚀

🚀🚀🚀 rADAr Token - Much More Than Just ADA Rewards 🚀🚀🚀

Unlike most other rewards tokens, rADAr is a long-term and sustainable rewards token on Binance Smart Chain with multiple use cases, lotteries, bonuses, and daily giveaways. As the name suggests, rADAr automatically rewards holders with Binance pegged Cardano (ADA) tokens.

💰 Multiple REWARD Opportunities Simply by Holding rADAr

⭐️ Receive REWARDS in Binance pegged ADA at regular intervals

💎 Show us your diamond hands - receive weekly BNB BONUS REWARDS if you hold your rADAr

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🔥 Massive wallet used multiple GUARANTEED BUYBACK & BURNS

✅ Large actively used marketing budget: Expect lots of Ads, AMAs, GIVEAWAYS and more.

🧠 AUDIT with KYC from SolidProof. io will be done within the presale period

🚨 Don’t miss out!


6% - ADA Rewards

2% - Marketing/Buyback

2% - LP



💰 Contract: 0x7b6df8a7fae3d0040f307613c81c35bc607e03c6

💰 Renounced Ownership:

🔒 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.26 19:55 JackOfAllInterests1 King Gizzard recording a third album while two others are already finished is like someone buying a new bottle of shampoo before they’ve finished the old one

Please, sirs, give us just one of them!!! I gotta hear the 2019 one!!
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2021.09.26 19:55 nopenopenora People with Yollie, what are you ISO? Looking to trade for or buy her for a reasonable price. 🙏

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