Pairing bluetooth headphones with Windows 7

2021.10.21 23:34 notpreposterous Pairing bluetooth headphones with Windows 7

It's Audiolux headphones, a little known brand. It pairs well with smartphones and it is designed to pair with phones. It pairs with Windows 10 but I would really love to pair it with my Windows 7 computer. There are no drivers for these bluetooth headphones.
Any advice?
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2021.10.21 23:34 fakeMiNT934 Ducks at Trillium Lake!

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2021.10.21 23:34 shnuffeluv Advice for Creating a "Cinematic Universe" of Fanfic?

Essentially what I'm wanting to do is create a sprawling alternate universe that feels alive and real a la the MCU (but something that I could handle with my mental health, of course, and much, much queerer than the MCU). But I have no idea where I would start my planning for that. I have vague concepts I could turn into epics, but I have no idea where to start planning in terms of making them truly epic. Any advice?
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2021.10.21 23:34 kanemerz GA 5 star bug

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2021.10.21 23:34 Paykei Just give me that medal, please!

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2021.10.21 23:34 basicbreadproducts Playing music through speakers and phones is nice.

I realized that this is an unpopular opinion on my train ride home. I see a lot of people complaining about playing music out in public and how they should just get headphones.
I disagree.
I love music and listening to music, and hearing people play music, (albeit sometimes their own music they haven't put alot of effort into) is one of the things I enjoy. I don't think it should be played obnoxiously loud on public transit, but I genuinely like it when people play music in public. I play it in public myself, especially when I don't have headphones, (or purposefully left them) and I believe that there is no harm in it.
To be fair though, I have heard people blast their own hilarious music on transit. Probably one of my favorite parts of the day for the meme potential.
TL;DR: Playing music in public is enriching and very entertaining. Personal music more so.
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2021.10.21 23:34 Depresso_Expreso day 41 of 10th grade

today was pretty boring, but it was also picture day :T i got to try out a new outfit instead of hoodies lol it was basically a sweater and a white button up shirt. ngl, it was a little uncomfortable, but i got a lot of compliments ^^
anyway, thats it. ill be back tomorrow :P
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2021.10.21 23:34 Emergency-Ad7192 Todos los que perico mato

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2021.10.21 23:34 Glow354 This was a Quiplash at my buddy’s a few weeks ago. For the people that don’t know, Quiplash is basically card’s against humanity but you can write anything you want as an answer.

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2021.10.21 23:34 Jccoke42 [Xbox] [h] rlcs 21 22 set minus tw [w] offer for all [tactician grey]

Let me know your offer id like to get rid of these all at once
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2021.10.21 23:34 Nighthawk945 Having a problem with Tekkit All-in-one File type, Anyone know what extension it uses or how to fix this?

Wife downloaded tekkit all in one earlier, I think she may of hit an open with button and set the file type to html, I'm almost sure that's what she did, I went in and did the reset all apps button in Windows, that didn't fix it, alls shes getting now when she downloads it or looks in her download folder once complete is this (posted some pictures). Any help would be appreciated. I can't figure it out, thanks in advance!, it keeps showing it as a firefox logo, we tried downloading it in IE instead, same thing except it shows an IE logo, so Im guessing its setting the file type as HTML.
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2021.10.21 23:34 Bela_Lugoatse I see your taxidermied rats and raise you taxidermied squirrels

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2021.10.21 23:34 Eville2010 Anthos Boulogne-Billancourt France [OC]

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2021.10.21 23:34 Piccolo-Foreign P*RN STAR GETS FREAKY!!!! (Omegal)

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2021.10.21 23:34 onlyseeitindreams Things to do before Owl?

Are there any side quests or things I should do before fighting the Owl at Ashina Castle? I don't wanna get locked out of anything
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2021.10.21 23:34 tristaniscooool Halloween Droplist and all leaked images

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2021.10.21 23:34 NikitaKhruiseship Arguing a 30 minute wait

Some disclosures: I witnessed this as a customer. I haven’t worked in a restaurant in 7 years.
Spouse and I took a mini-vacation last weekend to a small seaside town a couple hours away. We had just gotten on a list for a table at a seafood restaurant on a pier that’s also home to a couple other restaurants, and were told the wait would likely be a half-hour.
We hung back to bide our time and a party of three approached the hostess but questioned the half-hour wait.
The leader pointed out all the empty tables in the patio area, but the hostess explained that only one waiter was serving that entire zone, and that most of those tables had only just been seated.
He asked if they could wait at the bar, but the bar was full.
He asked if they could order drinks and have them in the pier while they waited. The hostess explained that their liquor license doesn’t apply to the rest of the pier unfortunately.
His friend (significant other?) then loudly asked, “What about that tented area over there?” pointing across the way.
The hostess took a breath and said, “That? That’s a different business.” and walked away.
(The food was excellent and totally worth the wait.)
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2021.10.21 23:34 TuesDazeGone Short term memory loss

Recently I've had some new symptoms. Most concerning is that I'm finding that mid conversation I will forget what we are talking about. I have to concentrate really hard to remember (I'm too embarrassed to say anything). It's really freaking me out. I'm due for bloodwork this week and a follow up with my rheumatologist, and I plan to discuss this and some tremors that have started. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. I feel really alone right now.
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2021.10.21 23:34 MovieFanZ5026 Houses for next year

This is a small list but here are the themes that I want to see next year in the form of houses:
-Fear Street
-Vincent Price
-Ragnarok/Norse Mythology
-Underworld/Hades/Medusa (Greek Mythology)
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2021.10.21 23:34 zzyzx1990 Family Medicine resources?

I'm switching from urgent care to family med. What are the best resources for me to brush up on maintenance medications, blood work, etc? Thanks!
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2021.10.21 23:34 The_Little_Egyptian Welp I'm done with Carrot.

When Wano ends people are just going to chase out Carrot fans and Yamato fans are not going to let it go. On top that I was disappointed and lied to every turn with her during Wano. If you can't beat them join them. #Yamato4Nakama.
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2021.10.21 23:34 icedcoffee4eva Famed opera singer Beverly Sills sings a high A# (1970 colorized)

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2021.10.21 23:34 Accomplished-Print85 Jamie Lyra (Lilyami/Amy Coser)

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2021.10.21 23:34 Vast_Statement5699 Yeah its been done before idc. Do your worst

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2021.10.21 23:34 StevenTiggler Use Chase Points to purchase new Mac or just sign up for the Apple Credit Card?

Can't decide if I should use my Chase Rewards to buy the laptop or sign up for the apple card and do monthly installments. My justification for getting the Apple Card is the spend $75 at Nike and get $75 back promo. Should I save the points for travel?
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