What do you think the meaning is behind .5’s cover art?

2021.10.22 00:43 Renegade257 What do you think the meaning is behind .5’s cover art?

My interpretation is that it’s a seduction of death. That no matter how busy and distracted you become in life, death will always be there to demand your attention. What do you think?
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2021.10.22 00:43 pinkduv Let’s talk about Donovan Peoples-Jones

What kind of highway robbery was that?
For those of you unaware of the debacle, DPJ was ruled “questionable to return with a groin injury during pregame warmups” seconds after the clock struck 5:20 PM (pacific) when rosters locked.
Not even giving managers an opportunity to pivot.
I’m not mad, I’m just like disappointed…
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2021.10.22 00:43 gagatthis07 Help me find the name of this one

A person becomes the home tutor in an all female family, things start to escalate between student and teacher and they begin to tease each other and have sex.
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2021.10.22 00:43 Danny_Femdom Amazon has Wattson heirlooms

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2021.10.22 00:43 Willyqfromcn [USA-MA] [H]PS4 Pro [W] Local Cash

Hello everyone,
Trying to sell my PS4 Pro console OBO, comes with all necessary components power cable, HDMI, two controllers but no micro USB for the them. Updated to the latest firmware too. I have cleaned it fully some cleaning wipes.
Asking for $250, local is 02446.
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2021.10.22 00:43 MatthewDanieltank Scared the shit out of me

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2021.10.22 00:43 Appropriate-Bus9013 Email/App Access

Hey all Just wondering how long it was before everyone here got access to a tesco email + the apps (to check your rota and the stock app which would be amazing since I'm doing health and beauty by myself on night shift 🙈) Been here a week now, got part of my uniform already luckily.
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2021.10.22 00:43 carrioncassette Can't believe they reused this Bob Marley mix for the new Apex trailer. It was bad both times.

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2021.10.22 00:43 ForeverPanda Non-operational car?

I’ve never had to deal with this before. I have an older car (2004)that isn’t in use and it’s not worth the upkeep. It has issues with overheating and transmission was rebuilt 2 years ago.It’s tags/emission test is due soon and it’s not worth the renewal. What are my options? I know that AZ doesn’t allow non-op. Can I junk/sell it with expired plates? Thanks for your help in advance!
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2021.10.22 00:43 vwtechscott Is Inithwe Bloodtwin really good for ANYTHING? Pretty not happy about my first Void legendary pull, this guy doesn't look very good. I was getting close to my mercy legendary pull for void Champs, so I skipped the 10x or whatever for him. Then Teumesia was in for 10x, pulled my void shards and bam

Is Inithwe Bloodtwin really good for ANYTHING? Pretty not happy about my first Void legendary pull, this guy doesn't look very good. I was getting close to my mercy legendary pull for void Champs, so I skipped the 10x or whatever for him. Then Teumesia was in for 10x, pulled my void shards and bam submitted by vwtechscott to RaidShadowLegends [link] [comments]

2021.10.22 00:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Sports] - Dodgers' Chris Taylor makes postseason history with three home runs in Game 5 of NLCS vs. Braves | USA Today

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2021.10.22 00:43 Officer-Memes Heresy detected

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2021.10.22 00:43 Last_Common4920 Has anyone actually used a refunded Apple product?

If it was refunded directly from Apple using DNA (or whatever method), has anyone used an Ipad or watch from them and everything was fine? Or did apple do anything to it?
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2021.10.22 00:43 Redmoneyman 🔥

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2021.10.22 00:43 freefoodmood Saturday (10/23) morning Eldo partner wanted.

I had my partner bail for this weekend. 5.7-5.10- is about my comfort zone in the area. I am hoping for an earlier start (8:00 ish)
I have a park pass and a double rack. I’ve climbed in the park a few times but definitely not an area expert. Single pitch or longer routes, whatever you’d rather do.
Also up for other front range DenveBoulder area spots that day.
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2021.10.22 00:43 Demoncrusher_920 These new spiders kinda look like the spiders from caustic hammer. Anyone else think so?

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2021.10.22 00:43 vren55 [A Fractured Song] - Chapter 133 Part 1 - Fantasy, Isekai (Portal Fantasy), Adventure

Cover Art!
Just because you’re transported to another world, doesn’t mean you’ll escape from your pain.
Abused by her parents, thirteen-year-old Frances only wants to be safe and for her life not to hurt so much. And when she and her class are transported to the magical world of Durannon to fight the monsters invading the human kingdoms and defeat the self-titled Demon King, Frances is presented with a golden opportunity. If she succeeds, Frances will have the home she never had. If she fails, Frances will be summoned back to the home she escaped.
Yet, despite her newfound magic and friends, Frances finds that trauma is not so easily lost. She is dogged by her abuse and its physical and invisible scars. Not only does she have to learn magic, she has to survive the nightmares of her past, and wrestle with her feelings of doubt and self-loathing.
If she can heal from her trauma, though, she might be able to defeat the Demon King and maybe, just maybe, she can find a home for herself.
Teaser: Titania is tested, Frances and Timur share something precious.
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 132] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [ Chapter 133 Part 2=>]
The Fractured Song Index
Discord Channel Just let me know when you arrive in the server that you’re a Patreon so you can access your special channel.
The Fractured Song Index
“Titania, dear, you can let go of Aralik and I now,” said Antigones.
Titania shook her head and purred as she rubbed her cheek into her husband’s chest, whilst grabbing onto Aralik’s shoulder.
“Mom… no… seriously,” Aralik sighed and patted Titania’s back gently as she continued to snuggle them.
Timur swallowed. It was nice watching the much taller Antigones and Aralik get cuddled by his normally acerbic sister. However, the gnawing feeling at the back of his head, the anxiety and nervousness he felt toward the battle ahead, forced him to cough loudly.
“Sister, I don’t mean to kill the mood, but we do need to see if Whitey accepts you or not,” said Timur.
Titania’s smile faded and she let her family go, before glaring at her brother. “Fine, let’s get this over with. Where’s that crown?”
“Over here,” Whitey growled from Aralik’s backpack by the door. Taking a deep breath, Titania’s step son walked over, over the pack and using a handkerchief, pulled the crown out.
Titania took a deep breath and several slow steps, before kneeling on the floor and closing her eyes.
“The heck are you doing?” Whitey asked.
The princess opened one eye, and glared at the crown. Now that she was so close, it was a lot less impressive than she’d thought. In fact, while it was very strange how the horn the crown was made of still stayed white, and how she couldn’t tell from which animals or what animal the horn was made of, there wasn’t anything particularly eerie about the crown or even intimidating.
“I’m kneeling so my stepson can put you on me?” Titania said, trying to keep the drawl out of her voice.
You could practically hear Whitey roll his non-existent eyes. “I think we’re past the need for ceremony at this point.”
Titania snorted, but shut her eyes again as Aralik put the crown on her. For a moment, she just felt the warm bone around her head.
Then she could feel Whitey’s presence in her mind. It was deeply uncomfortable, like something was running fingers through her brain.
“I’m going to warn you, this is not going to be pleasant, Titania Greyhammer, Daughter of Thorgoth Greyhammer and Aurelia Onyxstone, wife of Antigones Greenshield. I must search your memories and I am aware many of them are not pleasant,” said the crown. It almost sounded sympathetic, which Titania supposed was nice of the rude bastard.
“Do your worst,” she whispered.
“You do realize I can read your thoughts, right?” Whitey said, but his tone, while snarky was a bit gentler. “I admit, I did not endear myself to you, and for that I apologize, but our situation is desperate. Now, let us begin.”
Titania, took a deep breath and braced herself. “Alright.”
Flashes of memory started to flow like a trickle. Of playing with her birth mother so long ago, before she’d died of a disease. Of playing with her older brother Teutobal before he went off to begin his training. That happy time was short, because her father started to hurt her.
She’d forgotten how it’d started, but she’d been throwing a tantrum when her father had suddenly exploded with rage. That was when he’d first unleashed Ivy’s Sting’s ability against her. He’d healed her after that with a warning.
After that, any time she stepped out of line, any incident she caused, or any mistake she made was met with some kind of punishment. He was careful. He always healed her afterwards, but they both knew that the scars remained in her mind. She was helpless, unable to turn to anybody, as her father continued to turn her into his killing machine.
So she’d done the only thing she could do, lash out at anybody who she could. Titania shivered as the horrified looks of shock at her first targets appeared. Many of them were unpleasant individuals, plotting against the Kingdom of Alavaria. She’d let them know she had killed them and made sure they suffered.
There were others, though, that she’d killed that she regretted, shoved away in a vain attempt to forget. The one that made her blood run cold, however, was a reform-minded goblin civil servant.
She watched, helpless, as Whitey examined through her eyes, how she’d poisoned the goblin’s drink and stayed in the room he shared with his wife to make sure he’d died of what looked like a freak heart attack. To her horror, she suddenly remembered what came next.
“Wait, stop. Please—” she whispered.
The goblin’s wife had been awoken by her husband’s writhing, and unseen behind an illusion, Titania had watched as she screamed for help and tried to keep her husband alive. She’d watched as the goblin’s two young children had come in, trying to help.
And Titania remembered how jealous she’d felt at this family. She was jealous of a person she had killed, how he’d been so happy, and how much she hated him for his happiness. She could have saved him, and yet, she hadn’t. Now, she wished she did. She wished she hadn’t felt that way back then, but it was too late. All that was left was a horrible guilt that ate away inside of her.
Whitey said nothing, instead, the crown moved on and the river of memories continued. To her relief, it did not linger on her training to seduce targets. That training had left her sometimes vomiting in a bucket beside her bed, sobbing.
Suddenly the flow of memories stopped.
“Your Highness… I… I am sorry. I underestimated what your father did to you. If you would like to pause this—”
“Like I said, Whitey, get this over with already,” Titania hissed. She swallowed, feeling the crown’s regret. “Look, I accept your apology, but we haven’t got any time to waste.”
“Understood.” The flow of memories began again, this time, dropping her back into the rare memories she had about interacting with her brothers. She’d been… cruel to Timur, belittling him whenever she got the chance, laughing at his interest in geography and history, and taking pleasure in the court’s lack of affection for her.
Yet, she’d adored Teutobal. She wondered why she never told him about her abuse. It just… it felt like she’d sully her older brother in some way if she ever let him know what she’d done. It probably was her father’s fault now that she thought about it. He made her strong, powerful, and yet, broke her down.
In the end, she was glad that she had never told him before he died.
And that… had been her life for years. Death, sorrow, and self-loathing, interspersed with moments of terror and fear. She’d seen the darkest underbelly of Alavari society, no, she’d been immersed in it.
That abruptly ended when she’d been married to Antigones.
In hindsight, her father’s plan had been rather good. Marry the daughter he had under his thumb off to a grieving general and one of Alavaria’s most powerful lords, who’d he’d just widowed. Not that they knew at the time. It’d have planted a spy in a potential rival and tied Antigones closer to the royal line.
It’d just unexpectedly backfired.
She’d met General Antigones before at her father’s council meetings. The orc general and lord had exuded dignity and power, though, there were moments that he’d shown a degree of levity. They had always been when he was with his wife, the cheerful Archmage Zirabelle. As terrible as Titania’s life had been, even she hadn’t been able to resist giggling with Zirabelle. She told very funny jokes.
When Zirabelle had been murdered, Antigones had been beset with grief and locked himself away at his estates. He’d only appeared in court after her father offered her hand in marriage. Honestly, Titania had been happy to be married off. She had thought at the time that she couldn’t escape her father’s control, but having a handsome and powerful husband would be a benefit.
That had changed when she met him at the wedding. There was no fault in her husband-to-be’s posture, or attitude. And yet, one look at the orc and she could tell that he was still grieving. She would learn later that Antigones had only accepted her hand in marriage to silence all the other suitors that were propositioning him, and due to pressure from her father.
What was she going to do with a husband still grieving for his ex-wife had been her first conundrum. She had known that she had to play the part of a good wife because her father had demanded she seduce Antigones to ensure his loyalty. However, it wasn’t like she could just use her good looks. She had to approach this carefully.
So on their first night, she’d made it very clear that she was only offering pleasure, if he so desired, but that she would always respect his love for his first wife. To her surprise, Antigones had taken her up on that offer and they had a fairly pleasurable first night. The day after they’d gone to Antigones’s estates in western Alavaria, the province of Hordale.
Whilst her husband continued to administer his lands, he’d given her control of managing the Great Hall that he called home. While called a Great Hall, it resembled more of a cross between a manor home and a castle. It was a boring job, but Titania did her duty and in a way, it was quite fun to hunt down corrupt servants taking advantage of her husband’s grief.
She also met Aralik, her step-son. When they first met, she expected open hostility. After all, she had just replaced his mother. However, the orc had met her with a friendly, though, guarded smile. He didn’t bother her, she didn’t bother him. Yet, when she needed his input when his father was away, he didn’t hesitate to assist.
Perhaps that’s what started her on the path to loving this family of hers. The fact that neither Antigones nor his son judged her on her reputation, but by what she did. It was why she couldn’t abide it when she heard that her step-son was being bullied in the Alavaria Academy of Magic. At the time, she convinced herself she was doing it to ensure her standing in the family and to do her duty as a wife. In hindsight, she liked Aralik and didn’t like that he was being hurt.
The memory was a fond one, and her musings were interrupted when she heard Whitey chuckle as he saw her storm into the principal’s office and demand him to take action against the mages who dared slander her husband’s house, the House of Greenshield. When the principal explained they couldn’t, Titania was so apoplectic with rage she’d taken matters into her own hands.
She’d challenged the bullies to a duel, and promptly destroyed them, sending them all home with injuries. That had been the first time Antigones raised his voice with her for causing such a scene. She hadn’t cared, at least at first, until she’d been overtaken with fear of her father finding out about this.
Only, once in private, Antigones had promptly apologized and thanked Titania for standing up for his son when he hadn’t noticed. That was perhaps the first time they had honestly talked, and when she’d discovered that the grieving general and stoic lord was a genuinely funny and charming person in private.
Those moments started to become more and more frequent. They started with an evening chat here, or a talk over breakfast, and expanded to hunting together in the woods… going on inspections of the surrounding cities and villages. Soon she realized that she really loved seeing Antigones smile and laugh. More importantly, she realized she’d do anything to see him do so more often. Before long, she realized she wasn’t just content, she was happy.
Until her father had asked her to hand over and copy information Antigones had to him. It was fairly unimportant information to give out, and she’d done worse to others. Her husband would never find out.
Only, none of the Alavari she’d done this to were her husband. As she’d held the coded order in her hand, she realized that she cared for Antigones more than she should have.
Then she’d sent that information to her father.
Whitey slowed this memory down, examining her thoughts and feelings at the time. Titania of the present, squirmed.
“There’s more,” she told him, feeling her lips move as she said so.
“I’ll hold you to that.” And the river of memories continued and Titania could suddenly feel the crown’s realization.
Because the next few days after she passed that information on had been the worst in her life. She’d tried to hide her guilt, except she couldn’t find the happiness she’d once felt. Her husband’s smile and laughter, which had once made her smile, now shot a dagger through her heart. She couldn’t tell her father, and what use would that be? And she couldn’t tell her husband because that would just make it worse.
In the end, when Antigones had confronted her about what was going on, she’d been half crazy with guilt and regret. She’d told him about what she’d done and when he’d demanded why, she told him everything. Her father’s orders, what he’d done and as best she could, made it clear how it was her fault.
She expected to be slapped, hit, to be punished for what she’d done. Instead, Antigones hugged her.
And that had changed their relationship entirely. Suddenly, she wasn’t alone, with her father holding her hostage. Antigones helped her defy her father, and held her, sometimes literally, through the darkness that dogged her. For that, she’d been forever thankful.
It wasn’t always easy. There were times they had to use separate rooms. Yet, Titania never wanted to lose the chance to see her grumpy husband smile and laugh. She enjoyed the side of her husband that nobody ever got to see and didn’t want to lose that. So she’d tried her best to change, to treat her husband well.
That was how she came to the epiphany she had fallen in love with Antigones, and how she realized the orc general loved her too. Not just for her looks, but because of who she was, especially the person she could become, free from her father’s control.
Whitey was silent as they went through the latest memories, her missions in Erlenberg, the compromise they’d struck with her father, her telling Antigones about Zirabelle’s killer, and the last year of rallying support. It said nothing as the river of memories came to an end, and Titania panted. A deep exhaustion seeped through her body as she tried to push back the old memories and cling onto some fond ones.
“So, I was wrong about one thing, you are not the ruthless assassin princes I considered you to be. You are one of the most resilient Alavari I’ve ever met, and you can be kind,” said Whitey.
Titania pursed her lips. She could easily hear a “but” in the crown’s thoughts, though she decided not to interrupt it.
“The question I have yet to find an answer for is this: Do you want to be queen? Your thoughts are ambivalent, in opposition and I must hear the answer to this from you.”
The princess stiffened. She had suspected this question would come as soon as she had put the crown on. She hadn’t had an answer then, she didn’t truly have an answer now.
No, that wasn’t true.
“I don’t want to be queen,” Titania whispered. Despite her mind, almost entirely in communion with Whitey, she could hear gasps as she said this. “I know I am not good enough to be the queen. I think my brother Timur would be better, but he doesn’t want it. But I… I know you should accept me.”
“Why should I, Princess Titania Greyhammer, Daughter of Thorgoth?” Whitey declared.
“Because I am your best shot at ending this war. I am of the Greyhammer House and I have the skills necessary to bring this war to a close and overthrowing my father,” Titania hissed.
Whitey didn’t reply at first. It seemed to mull over her suggestion.
“You can’t be serious!” Titania exclaimed.
“I thought you didn’t want to be queen, princess. And why can’t I try your brother? Indeed, he doesn’t want the throne, but he may be far more suitable,” said Whitey nonchalantly.
Titania felt her teeth gnash. “The throne would break Timur. I don’t like to admit it, but he’s right. He should not be king.”
“Just because he shouldn’t be king doesn’t mean you should be. You have other siblings.” She could practically feel the smugness in the crown’s emotions. “Curious, you want the crown, but you don’t want to be queen. Why is that?”
“Don’t you know? Aren’t you reading my bloody mind,” Titania growled.
“As I mentioned, your thoughts are chaotic, jumbled. I need to hear it from you, Your Highness. Or I cannot be sure.”
Throwing her hands up, her eyes still shut. “Fine! I want the throne. I don’t want to be queen, but I want the throne. I want its power! Happy? Is that what you want me to say?”
“No. There’s something else you want. Tell me. What do you want power for?”
“To protect those I love, and to create a world where… where any children I might have won’t turn out like me,” Titania whispered. She bowed her head. “I mean, I know it’s selfish and Galena knows I am probably going to be a horrible mother, but I… I want children and I don’t want them to grow up in my father’s Alavaria.”
Warm joy, and satisfaction emanated from the cold bone sitting on her head. Whitey chuckled so loudly she could hear it echo in the room.
“You’ll do. You’ll do. I will accept you, Titania, Thorgoth’s Daughter. You are not the best person, you may not become the greatest of Alavarian monarchs, but you have boundless determination, an iron will, and more importantly vision. It may be motivated by selfishness, but what ruler isn’t selfish in some way? More importantly, your vision is a kind one that Alavaria needs.”
Shock took away the breath in her lungs. Titania whispered, “Does that mean…”
“You are worthy. Alavaria kneel.”
Titania’s eyes flew open and she saw her brother, awestruck on one knee, head bowed. Her stepson, smiling with joy, looking up with her with admiration.
Her eyes were, however, for her husband, who slowly, his entire body trembling, bent his knee and knelt. His eyes were full of tears, love, and certainty.
He hadn’t doubted her for a second, and that more than anything, in spite of everything, made her feel like the luckiest woman in the world.
“All hail Queen Titania Greyhammer! Rightful Queen of Alavaria!”
“All hail Queen Titania!” roared Antigones, Aralik and Timur, their voices as one.
Author's Note: Because this chapter is 7000 words ish long, you're getting two parts or else Reddit will ding me and not allow me to make edits to it :P
[The Beginning] [<=Chapter 132] [Chapter Index and Blurb] [ Chapter 133 Part 2=>]
The Fractured Song Index
Discord Channel Just let me know when you arrive in the server that you’re a Patreon so you can access your special channel.The Fractured Song Index
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2021.10.22 00:43 burntoutsunsetzz emo norwegian bands

currently learning norwegian. would love to know some norwegian emo bands. I listen to a lot of norwegian rap/pop but i want to branch out a little ha
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2021.10.22 00:43 zipsakortu Home Depot Coupon Code December 2021

Here is the Home Depot Coupon Code December 2021
Best deals, coupons and discount you can find there. You can find great discounts on there too.
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2021.10.22 00:43 joalgui I'm terrified of covid, so much that I'm scared to go on vacation with my family

So, the main question is, what should I do?
My family wants to travel, we all have our second vaccine, they want to go to Peru on December. Now, don't get me wrong, I want to go, but I've been feeling really uneasy since we talked about travelling. Covid has definetly been on my mind since it started, and it's like living in a horror movie. I sometimes go out with friends, I take the normal precautions, but this feels different.
It's so weird because I don't want to ruin that for them or me, but I don't know what to do. Is my fear justified? Should I just suck it up and try to enjoy the trip? Should I talk to them first?
So yeah, I just came here before making any desition because my mind is all over the place, and if you guys have any other advice I'd be happy to hear it too.
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2021.10.22 00:43 Dunk3 Is my motherboard defective?

My build:
AMD Radeon rx 6700x xt
AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-Core, 12-Thread
Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO 32GBEVGA 700 GD 80+ GOLD 700W
Seagate BarraCuda 2TB Internal Hard Drive HDD
Western Digital 500GB WD Blue SN550 NVMe Internal SSD

I try to overclock my CPU (which should have no problem reaching 4.2GHz), and my mobo cannot reboot it past 3.95 GHz. I ran the AMD Ryzen Master program and it performed a stress test on my CPU that showed it was more than capable of going to 4.18+... Idk why I cant make it out of my bios higher than 3.95 GHz.

After resetting my mobo with a screwdriver between those two pins several times tonight, and after overclocking to 3.95GHz, I simply went back into the bios to set my XMP for the RAM to 3200. My mobo could not even reboot after that.

Adittionally, all of this is after I performed a clean re install of windows 10 on my PC. I use userbenchmark (userbenchmark.com) to see if my parts are functioning, and they performed a lot better after the reinstall. But one odd thing that used to happen before the re install was that userbenchmark used to show me that I had problems with my SSD and HDD. I am wondering if that is also because of my mobo being defective?

I have too many questions, not sure how to interpret.
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2021.10.22 00:43 Old_Equivalent_2917 👩‍💼👩‍💼👩‍💻 We provide a safe crypto ecosystem for userbase building, as we bring together a global, inclusive community👈

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2021.10.22 00:43 asg669 ahi va algo un poco mejor.

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2021.10.22 00:43 Kyle2927 I never called a black lady the N word in walmart because she wasn't wearing a mask.

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