nay3r 27r94 82fis byt6f ebd72 dkh25 ta5b4 f4224 nyny7 72rns 2tt4r f64rt t9yib it58f tk588 25yde b43zt d5n7h 7nfr3 h4fb3 ryafs 12月ロイター企業調査:22年度収益は「増加」5割、第6波や円安・...[ロイター] |


2021.12.09 10:30 p3fHrjZ55ChAcei 12月ロイター企業調査:22年度収益は「増加」5割、第6波や円安・...[ロイター]

12月ロイター企業調査:22年度収益は「増加」5割、第6波や円安・...[ロイター] submitted by p3fHrjZ55ChAcei to shikyo [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 10:30 heysooyung vlog | For the peeps that want to get silly with me on my trip down to Melbourne Australia

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2021.12.09 10:30 PodporuchikKJ Redditors in two different subs chow down on Florida-style onions.

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2021.12.09 10:30 Devil-1305 Watch or rewatch?? 😶

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2021.12.09 10:30 BigSadDepresso Surely someone drops some links to some banging shirts

I want some shirts that I would find funny (ironic modern humour) but i don't know where all the good ones come from
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2021.12.09 10:30 Sharp-Vast4388 Pornography is a harmful as smoking 🚬 it affects your Mind and causes ED!

Smoking 🚬 affects your body pornography affects your body mind and your future interactions with woman the way you treat woman!!! Day 7 of NoFap
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2021.12.09 10:30 Rare_Middle8615 Any advice on how to improve motivation when it comes to working out?

So I'm a 16 year old boy and over the past two years I've gained enough weight that I'm not happy with my body anymore. I'm not fat by any means but I just feel like I could be healthier. I've tried on and off for the past year or or so to find a workout routine that works but I always end up losing motivation after a couple weeks. Any tips that could help me stick to it?
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2021.12.09 10:30 paulr70 Best way to secure these slipped roof tile before reroofing?

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2021.12.09 10:30 farklinkbot New Zealand banning cigarettes for everyone born after 2007. Everyone born after 2007: what are cigarettes? Pass me my vape

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2021.12.09 10:30 dental_rapidity Alison Rainer

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2021.12.09 10:30 darkandweird to be good cops.

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2021.12.09 10:30 redrighthand_ How to use the god favours when playing Orlog IRL?

We have a hand crafted set of the Orlog game as both myself and my partner love playing it. However, I have a question about the god favours.
In the game, you start off with some basic ones and progress to better favours which makes sense. How is best to work that IRL?
We have watched some YouTube videos going through the rules but it doesn't really answer this. The god favours are numbered by strength and since we aren't playing in a tournament it's not really possible to progress to different strength levels.
Those of you who have played IRL, what's your solution? Picking at random, only choosing cards from a particular strength category? Thanks.
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2021.12.09 10:30 TheClassySpectre SPEcember Day 9 / When the war propaganda is false

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2021.12.09 10:30 drmsv He ripped my nails, one after the other.

He was desperate to find her.
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2021.12.09 10:30 BanIfYoureRacist just missed the bus for the 4th time this week again

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2021.12.09 10:30 alltherach_ 211209 V (2)

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2021.12.09 10:30 TheEdgeOfDawn It’s a half note

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2021.12.09 10:30 Sir_Mediocre Was about to go full time, then got let go over text.

I have been working at a cell phone repair place part-time for a little over a month now, while finishing up some courses to help me towards some IT certificates. I just finished up the school, and was about to go full time. We had gone back and forth a couple times on discussions of full time. I had to make sure full time was worth it for me, as I would lose medicaid, which I'm using quite frequently after a motorcycle accident last year.
First she offered insurance she would pay half of, and 2 dollars an hour more. The thing is, insurance was $500 a month. So my $250 half comes out to about 2 dollars an hour worth of pay every month. Add in the loss of other benefits, plus having increased doctor visit costs, increased travel costs, etc. It would ultimately result in a pay-cut per hour. I told her as much, and said I would probably need to stay part time, at least while I'm visiting doctors frequently. Unless she could pay more, she declined, but otherwise seemed understanding and ok with it all. My girlfriend and I found out I should still qualify for insurance through the state (thanks Obama), and my Physical Therapy was near wrapping up, so we thought maybe full time could work. I asked my boss if she was willing to still pay the $15 an hour if I opt out of the insurance, she agreed. The plan was to finish PT, and start full-time.
Imagine my surprise when I'm at PT last night, supposed to work this morning, and I receive a text. "Hi (Sir_Mediocre), I hope you can forgive the format but I'd rather save you a trip in tomorrow. I'm going to let you go. We had a applicant with a few years experience apply for the job who has better availability for us for the (Redacted) location and the malls. I'm sorry. I think you have great technical precision and people skills. When you declined the full time offer here, I had to look to fill our needs through other candidates. It's hard to find anyone with this type of experience so I had to take a shot with them. It's really rare to find someone like that. Their experience justifies the rate more and I really do need the flexibility for people to work other locations as necessary. So...again, I'm sorry. I wish you well. I do know a good amount of people in IT in the area so if they ever check with me for a reference on you, I can say the good things about you."
I thought everything was good. I was learning fast. Repairing phones and tablets. About to go full time. But I guess I valued my own time and labor too high. She found someone better, that she can send to the new locations she just acquired, and be underpaid. I know this, because half of the weird break up text was about how rare of a gem they are.
So now back to the search I guess. Just in time for Christmas.
I'm so tired.
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2021.12.09 10:30 anaila01 Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ NFT GIVEAWAY for next 12 hours 🚀🌙 Join TG To Get A Free RARE NFT

The Mermaid Token was founded to be the number 1 BTC reward token on the Binance smart chain. At the present time there is no token that has achieved as much as Mermaid.
💥NFT giveaway is now live for 12 hour. Join Telegram to enter
✅ Long term organic marketing plan (We gain holders everyday!)
✅ Did a 1500x in 2 weeks and a 1000x a week later (Check the chart)👇
✅Very active dev (Always in telegram)
✅Own Youtube channel where the dev puts out content and updates
BSC is in need of a token that pays out bitcoins to holders that won't die after a few days. Mermaid is nearly 3 months old and our holders are growing ever single day!
Things to come
🛑Coin Gecko, Delta, FTX listings are still pending. (we are listed on CMC already)
🛑Holder and volume growth
🛑2nd round of NFT giveaways
🛑Staking of the Mermaid token
💎Liquidity Locked (for 1 year)💎
📜Contract 📜 0x238c5c0c074126226f4afc5c667ee3c623aa0791
I am sure you have seen our name... join us in our telegram if you have any questions. There is no doubt that even a small percentage of Mermaid in your crypto portfolio will add a lot of long term value.
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2021.12.09 10:30 louvel1111 Where is the actual GAME?

UFO TEAM must update on when GAME is out? Is it in BETA?
WHat is happening....?
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2021.12.09 10:30 newdiscourses Within symbolic feminist activism, an act of resistance to male dominance (patriarchy) and misogyny is to deliberately remove the "man" from "woman" by changing the a to another letter.

Within symbolic feminist activism, an act of resistance to male dominance (patriarchy) and misogyny is to deliberately remove the submitted by newdiscourses to NewDiscourses [link] [comments]

2021.12.09 10:30 Ace_TD December 9, Happy Birthday Devin!

December 9, Happy Birthday Devin! Happy Birthday, Devin.
Love, love, love. Total Drama at least originally focuses on relationships quite a lot, there were even 12 characters in couples that are more than half the original cast. In RR the Love subplot is still popular but they're mostly focused on 6-7 characters, and 3 of those couples make it to the top 8. Devin for this reason is one of the protagonists of these romances.
A mostly normal guy from the normal team the Best Friends, Devin spend the first act of the show as a mysterious figure and the object of Carrie affections who inadvertently keep shutting down her advances and are in a very unhealthy relationship with a girl named Shelly, who based on what we heard treat him pretty bad. Shelly breaks up with Devin halfway through the competition and starts Devin's second act.
Devin's breakup is played for the laughs with his Heartbreak stages working as a comedic interlude before his third act, many popular depictions of the character come from this stage, like Emo Devin and Angry Devin. In Las Vegas, Devin realizes his feelings for Carrie, and the roles get reversed, with him being unable to express his feelings and becoming more vulnerable (kinda taking Dwayne Sr Role as a punching bag), until he has the chance and gets together in the end
So today we remember all our crushes, being requited or not, and celebrate the Best Friend to something more, Devin.
As a tradition let read a HC by LostOracleTD's:
Hc of the day, Best Friends: Devin Carrie had celebrated Christmas together since their childhood. They usually dine with Carrie’s family on December 24, and on December 25 they eat beef bulgogi with Devin’s family. Even when Devin was dating Shelley, he still dined with Carrie’s family, but Shelley was present during lunch in Devin’s house. They also exchange gifts between them each year. Devin’s gifts usually are practical, and Carrie’s gifts are usually handmade.
More Devin posts:
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2021.12.09 10:30 flowerofthepoppy [HIRE ME] I can help with advanced math (including graduate level material) and chemistry. Vouches are on the pinned post on my profile. 𝐃𝐢𝐬𝐜𝐨𝐫𝐝: flowerofthepoppy#5692

Hey! I can help with all sorts of pure math and have done tons of timed and untimed stuff. This includes Calc 1,2,3, Linear Algebra, Ordinary differential equations (ODE), Partial differential equations (PDE), Discrete Math etc. I can also help with several advanced pure math topics, all the way up to graduate level stuff. These topics include Real Analysis, Abstract Algebra, Group Theory, Differential Geometry, Non-Linear systems and Chaos, Complex Analysis, Topology, Number theory, Set theory, Convex Analysis etc.
For chemistry I can help with General and Organic chemistry, including some advanced stuff for organic chemistry.
Vouches are on the pinned post on my profile on Reddit, and my discord is flowerofthepoppy#5692
Vouch thread 1: (
Vouch thread 2: (
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2021.12.09 10:30 panthersacat A flag for a story I am writing.

A flag for a story I am writing. Basically, it's for a fake weapons cartel in my story. The setting is real but the characters, cartel, and other stuff are fake. The flag is based around the Madeira flag (which is where the cartel is located). I will explain the meaning in the comments. The guns are prolly too on the nose. Would like your opinions!
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2021.12.09 10:30 Will_Sell_My_Mother My first 75 Holidays Boxes (Started with Lunar New Year)

Morning all,
Generally I save all my money for this time of year in game. Technically I lean on the whale side as I have played for 9 years and slowly accumulated most of everything. Far from a F2P player, however I am on a budget and choose to save my money for special deals like this only.
Anywho, since I normally have most tanks in the rewards I get a much higher ratio of gold in return from the Holiday Boxes. For my situation it makes it much more profitable, when I am lucky getting doubles of tanks at least, to acquire gold from the game.
This year they did change things up, some good and some bad in my opinion. But over all just as excited to do Holiday Boxes.
So here are my first 75 Holiday Boxes (Lunar New Year) I like this years tank camo is the best.
Not going to give all the details, just the juicy of it all.

I received all lower Tier rewards tanks (3 or 4 additional doubles, forgot which ones)
Pz.Kpfw. 35 R
Pz.Kpfw. M15
Matilda LVT
KV-1 Shielded

I received all Skins
Vz. 55 (“Hurricane”)
Object 268 Version 4 (“Fair Trade”)
XM551 Sheridan (“Salamander”)
FV4005 Stage II (“Thunder Child”)
ST-II (“Saiga”)
Rinoceronte (“Fortuna”)

I received Tier 8 Premium Tanks
Bofors Tornvagn
The only Tier 8 Premium tank I dont have from the rewards is the M-IV-Y. Since I have the 122 TM and Škoda T 56, next Tier 8 Premium tank I get has a high likely hood of being a double. Giving me a decent amount of Gold in return for it.

Total Gains - this is just from the boxes
Gold - 32, 350
Coin - $2,900,000
Premium Time - 49 Days

Technically I received everything I could get in the rewards this year in the 75 Holiday Boxes except the M-IV-Y.
There is a rumor that floats around that WoTs will give you the rewards of things you dont have first, to avoid giving you the doubles and the extra gold. Dont know if its true or not, but it certainly feels that way in my past experiences.
Oh. .and my next guaranteed Tier 8 Reward tank is in the next 34 Holiday Boxes. I will place some bets now that it will be the M-IV-Y next.
Might do some more Holiday Boxes later today depending on time. Good luck to everyone and although everyones experience is different with these. Its still technically the best value for your buck compared to the rest of the year.
Just do it for fun, not for a goal. Otherwise you might be feel let down.
Happy Holidays everyone.
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