Boots 1 or 2? Going for a Desert Scout look.

2022.01.19 05:41 cheung_kody Boots 1 or 2? Going for a Desert Scout look.

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2022.01.19 05:41 katechaste Vaporwave doodle

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2022.01.19 05:41 t5unami5 Where can I find this top or a dupe that is affordable?

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2022.01.19 05:41 GreetedMeeted06 Guys I am from the year 2070! I time traveled back here to stop a very bad thing from happening!

You NEED to heed my warning
In the 2027 US Presidential election, you CANNOT let the Democrat runner win! He is a totalitarian tyrant, and he is the reason for 30 years of oppression in the states!
He started off promising that he will unite the left and the right, and this got a lot of people to vote for him!
Then come 2028, and he's in office! 2030 is when he starts forcing US citizens to have surveillance equipment in there house (right when this law was passed there were so many riots in the capitol that military intervention was used)
Then he started making everyone love everyone else or they will get arrested and possibly sent to labor camps and become a slave to the country!
The Conservatives and Republicans were neglected, seen as nothing more than humanity haters!
Now the US is totally socialist, and nobody can have an opinion that disagrees with the status quo! It's a nightmare! All the other presidents after this man were cherry picked into carrying on his legacy and will!
Come on guys. Don't let your version of America be the one without free speech and free will!
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2022.01.19 05:41 Heavy-Gaming Warlock fashion going into witch queen

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2022.01.19 05:41 Entire-Savings5668 Would this tank work in real life

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2022.01.19 05:41 pcweirdness cat.

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2022.01.19 05:41 Primokorn Virtualbox guest additions - Unable to install

Virtualbox guest additions - Unable to install Hello,,
I installed virtualbox thanks to your guide. BTW virtualbox-ext-oracle doesn't exist so I installed the extension pack from Virtualbox's website.
I installed Windows XP as a new vm.
Now I'd like to install the guest additions but I have this error. Do you have a solution? Thank you.
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2022.01.19 05:41 Prophet__Velen My nerfs and buffs suggestions

Blessed be this day.
Hereby I present my suggestions for balance changes:

May the light guide Your way.
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2022.01.19 05:41 Willb260 Adding rye flour to bread

I’m looking to add some rye flour into my flour mix for a country style loaf I’m doing (replacing some of the standard flour for rye flour). Is it possible to do a straight switch, or are there other changes I’ll have to make? I’m only looking to do about 5-10% rye of the total weight of flour
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2022.01.19 05:41 Traditional_Equal_87 Deft1 [2000] trophies, War Clan!

We are a relatively new clan that a couple of my friends and I started about a month ago. We are looking for players who will want to participate in wars and help us to continue winning in clan wars. We are very active and would like to welcome anyone who has interest in clan wars. Overall we are friendly and toxicity is not allowed. Thanks hope you guys can join😎
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2022.01.19 05:41 a_flower_named_you BDSP] 5IV Timid Nature Rotom Giveaway

Will be waiting in room 14112000. Got plenty I need to get rid of, so even if you see this after a few hours I’ll probably still have some, just comment. Seeya there!
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2022.01.19 05:41 specialintime Another blue boy for the squad

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2022.01.19 05:41 Due_Advisor_4187 Jeremy Scott bones

Подскажите пожалуйста могу ли я отдельно от обуви купить косточки Jeremy Scott?????
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2022.01.19 05:41 Maxwell_SMURT Very telling that I would rather deal with eight Mighty-Leaping Grizzlies and One Candle than having no clover.

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2022.01.19 05:41 superkirbs5 unity hub update question

So I updated my unity hub but a cmd appeared with something about "netsh.exe" or something. is this supposed to happen?
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2022.01.19 05:41 Vulture051 Internet only works when technician is coming. WHY?

Internet through Teksavvy, which means effectively through Rogers.
My internet has been in the toilet for almost 2 weeks and I'm on technician #4, this time it's a "senior" one coming in a few hours.
My problem is my internet is only connecting a few hours before and after a technician comes. So no internet, call tech, 3 days of not net, scheduled day comes, tech here in a few hours, net starts working, tech says nothing is wrong, leaves, net disappears, call another tech, repeat.
Are they doing something? I mean do they "clear the lines" or something in preparation for repair?
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2022.01.19 05:41 gavinobee63 burnout from life..

hi, hope everyone’s doing ok. i (23f) know there are a lot of these kinds of posts but i’m really feeling burnout from life. i’ve been basically unemployed for months, my savings are draining, i’ve been applying to a lot of jobs only to get denied continuously.. it’s just difficult to keep getting let down. my SO and i are also talking about getting engaged soon but obvi we both want to be financially stable before doing that. we also got screwed over by our landlord and we had to pay extra rent which is only making this more difficult. this is all bumming me out though because i feel like my life can’t move forward in any sense without me getting a job and with all these rejections it’s just getting me so depressed. i keep being told to be patient and that everything will work out, and tbh hearing that is starting to aggravate me now.. i don’t know what to do. i guess i need advice on how to deal with jobs rejecting you, burnout, and tips on saving money easily…
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2022.01.19 05:41 memeteamster Well hello there...

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2022.01.19 05:41 sky111909 Junko Furuta

Please do a story about her of you haven't already. Also known as the concrete high school girl. She underwent 44 days of horrific torture
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2022.01.19 05:41 Such_Ad8763 The only good game

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2022.01.19 05:41 Faction_Chief /r/worldnews -

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2022.01.19 05:41 NicoleQoS Is trauma inherent?

Hi, so I've been thinking if AGP could've been caused by some sort of trauma of ancestors. While back someone here mentioned Highly Sensitive Personality, and I've realized males in my family had this for 3 generations at the very least. Both my dad and grandpa had very hard time living as men, and I've seen them emotionally wrecked and exhausted all the time, complaining and grieving about that they weren't born women because women "are under less pressure, can do this and this and that easier, society doesn't have so high expectations from them, someone always takes care of them" etc. It wasn't typical gender dysphoria, rather some wierd gender grievance. I've started to have this since 8, but much worse than them and combined with AGP later it inevitably led me to transition which really cured both. But I wonder if my AGP could've actually been innate due to their life experience.
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2022.01.19 05:41 vick_gistvic How I Met Your Father: 3 Tinder Dating Tips We Learnt

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2022.01.19 05:41 rocky189rr I think dowry is justified in India.

Few days ago I've realized talking to my female friend that Dowry is not problematic as it seems.
I'm here comparing dowry to ancestral property.
As normally fathers tends to give there property to there sons (yes it depends on father will but mostly sons get it), it is also justifiable because after marriage of daughters they are not available for parents(or less available) wrt sons. So it is viable to give daughters there share in form of dowry. Yes you can say the money(dowry) is not in control of bride but still if you don't give anything to her it's more problematic and if father decides to give equal ancestral property to her then it may be unfair for sons.
I think problem with dowry is that it takes the girls independency, she will be more dependent on there husband. But If father gives property(instead of dowry) at the time of his death, it may be not very harmonical with girl's siblings.
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