Targeting an enzyme in fat cells drives rapid weight loss in obese mice

2022.01.19 03:55 Vailhem Targeting an enzyme in fat cells drives rapid weight loss in obese mice

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2022.01.19 03:55 the3rdblackguy This may piss of a lot of people but fuck it

If one guy annoys u so much to the point u delete ur post then here is a tip for u
Stop posting anything at all
Like if a guy opinion effects u to that point then stop posting anything at all like this the internet people ain’t gonna be nice to u
Like some of y’all in this sub r hella soft like how tf does a random guy opinion effect u so much
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2022.01.19 03:55 lmaopavel Guys I just received 0 free dust, I was playing since this game wasn't released, also I'm now missing two golden copies of Boulderfist Oger and 1 Spider tank. Is that a new Microsoft rules?

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2022.01.19 03:55 dylan6091 How did the Roman Capitals Compare?

Were Mediolanum or Ravenna ever as grand or spectacular as Rome? If so, why does it seem like there are so many fewer surviving ancient relics and architecture from these cities? And why does nobody talk about these cities (aside from post-Roman Milan)? While seemingly less of a black sheep, I also would like to know how well Constantinople compared.
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2022.01.19 03:55 turtle-beach04 A question to those with both adhd and narcolepsy/IH. How are stimulants ment to solve your EDS when the stimulants also calm you down cause of the adhd?

Do stimulants make you more focused, negating sleep attacks and getting less distracted during tasks?
Or does it calm your adhd down making you more sleepy and not negate your sleep attacks?
This is very much a paradox lol
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2022.01.19 03:55 No_5127 Mission: Confusion

Hello, everyone. As always i post here text from my dusty files. This time authour is mentioned.
CONFUSION A Paranoia Adventure by John Dunn Paranoia and associated concepts are Copyright 1987 West End Games
GMs Intro: This adventure contains a wide variety of references to comic books published by the two major companies in the business. While some familiarity with DC and Marvel characters might be helpful, it's not necessary to run the adventure. Other than this fact, standard Paranoia rules are followed.The computer, while choosing old data to delete, came across records of a form of media popular in the late twentieth century known as a comic book. In these books, powerful human beings were portrayed who seemed instrumental in hunting down traitors and in increasing morale amongst the populous. The computer thought this would be a wonderful way to increase happiness throughout Alpha Complex while simultaneously fighting all the forces of evil.Thus, the computer formed the JCA: Justified Computer's Avengers. Choosing the most expendable mutant troubleshooters it could find, the Computer assigned them to the JCA with a liaison named Runn-Y-NOZ.
Shortly after forming this special task force, a renegade Warbot escaped from Armed forces in an accident when recharging its fusion batteries. The Warbot decided it would have its revenge against the power plant, and has decided to destroy the primary fusion generators which give life to Alpha complex. While this seemed like a great way to get revenge, it forgot to calculate that it would be destroyed, along with all of Alpha Complex in the process. The computer was informed of this escaped 'bot, and decided to immediately take action. After the 'bot had only been wandering for 2 (count 'em, 2) days, the message finally was relayed to our heroes. In the meantime, this Warbot has been prowling through Alpha Complex, looking for the fusion generators. At the moment, it's finally started to get a lock onto those generators. As a result, it's starting to drive towards the generators. The PCs are thus assigned the objective of stopping the Warbot. Well, sort of.
Due to a clerical error, instead of just stopping or destroying the Warbot, the PCs are told to capture it. The gear they receive from R&D could be somewhat helpful in this endeavor. Advice they get from Armed Forces may also help them in this. Regardless, capturing the 'bot will be difficult.However, before they can even stop the 'bot they need to find it. While attempting to find it, our team of licenced, registered mutants stumbles into an Anti-Mutant meeting. Oops. After the PCs have either depleted a variety of clones, or fast talked their way out of that encounter, they continue on the trail of the Warbot. Finally, they catch up to the 'bot. At this point, they can either talk to the 'bot, fight it, or attempt to capture it. After this, assuming Alpha Complex was not destroyed in the process, the JCA troubleshooters are ordered to report back for debriefing. There, they will have an opportunity to chat with Runn-Y-NOZ, our friend the computer, and the renegade Warbot's brain. The resultant conversation, will probably result in most of the troubleshooters being convicted of treason of one sort or another.
SCENE 1: A Relaxing day at the office... It seems that this daycycle is once more a wonderful day in Alpha complex. You are all relaxing in the Justice Halls, your troubleshooting team's assigned communal living space, watching the latest Teela-OMLY adventure. As you watch you anxiously await the next mission that the computer in his wisdom might send you on.
After this, have everyone make a Moxie roll. Those who succeed notice that the room seems to be getting a great deal warmer. You might also want to mention that the door to their room is currently shut. If they attempt to leave, the door will not open. (The rising heat has fused it's circuits.) Let them worry about this for a few moments, or they can ask the computer about it. The computer's data will show that the room is still at a comfortable temperature. (In actuality, it's 100 degrees Fahrenheit and climbing.)
When the temperature in the room hits about 110, and the characters are really starting to worry, mention to a PC at random that he noticed the wall next to the door has a large circle which is glowing orange. Any PC who touches the wall will abruptly take 8F damage -- the wall is awfully hot!
Give the PCs a few moments to panic. After they've come up with some sort of master scheme, but before they can act on it, the wall which was glowing orange explodes. Any PCs who were standing near to the glowing wall take 5I damage from the explosion. All of the PCs are utterly covered in dirt and grime from the explosion of the wall. Seconds later a huge warbot rolls through the now non-existent wall. Allow the the PCs to attempt react to this threat as they see fit. (Refer to Appendix 1 for the Warbot's statistics and description.)The PCs may first attempt to talk to the 'bot. If they do so, it will, at this time, ignore them. After a moment, the PCs will notice that the 'bot is using his laser to create a hole in the floor in front of it. If they do nothing to attempt to stop him, the 'bot will simply roll forward, and drop through the hole. If they continue to watch the 'bot, it will continue drilling downward.If the PCs decide to attack the 'bot, before they can do so, the loud speakers in their room come to life. The computer's voice proclaims, "Good daycycle troubleshooters of the JCA. You are immediately ordered to report to ..."
As the speaker stops sounding, the door to their room slides open, and a techbot rolls in who immediately starts repairing the hole in the floor. Allow a random PC a tough Moxie roll. (Make sure that at least one of the PCs succeed at this roll.) If he succeeds, he notices a note attached to the back of the techbot. When he grabs it, hand him PC handout #1. If the players ask, yes, they do actually know where the HERO briefing room is. As soon as the PCs leave their room, they encounter a patrol of 4 IntSec "Blues" poking around and looking into Doorways. The two groups see each other simultaneously, and the Blues begin walking towards them. All four wear Blue Reflec armor and are armed with Blue Laser Rifles. (Laser Weapons: 9) The lead one will identify himself as Sarge-B-OBB. The Sarge is a Dimwit. He will walk up to the PCs, blithely ignoring the huge hole in the wall next to them. Then, picking one of the red clones, will ask, "Hey, have any of youse guys seen any sort of Warbot goin' by here?" If the PCs admit to having seen the bot, Sarge will ask them where they last saw it, what it looked like, what it did, and where it went. He will also ask them why they have not yet reported this incident in. Failure to report such a hazardous incident is treason.If they do not admit to having seen it, Sarge will thank them for their time, and tell them to have a nice daycycle. The group of blues will continue walking through the area, poking into doorways, etc.
When the PCs have finally made their way to the HERO briefing room, proceed to Scene 2.
SCENE 2: The assignment... As you walk into the briefing room, you see Runn-Y-NOZ sitting behind a large plastiwood desk. He's wearing an exquisitely tailored pinstripe suit, and looks up from a file of forms on his desk when you enter. After glancing over the six of you, he returns to his work, utterly ignoring you.
Runn-Y-NOZ is the official liaison of the team with the High Programmers and the computer, as such, he is a member of CPU, a role which he relishes. Much to his advantage, he possesses the Charm power, though he is quite careful in its application. Whenever he uses this power, his nose tends to run profusely. He is also a strict man, and speaks often of the lack of discipline and forethought amongst the registered mutant teams. Mounted on Runn's desk is a control for a laser cannon mounted in one corner of the room. Runn readily uses the cannon to take care of those guilty of treason.
When one of the PCs gets up the nerve to ask Runn about the briefing, he will look directly at him, and ask him why his uniform is so obscenely dirty? That dirt goes against standard dress code which is, of course, treason! Runn will also ask them what took them so long to arrive. If anyone attempts to blame Runn for the delay, he will make a notation on his desk, and then ask the PC if he accusing him of making an error. Any references to the Warbot, will draw Runn's deeper attention. He will ask the PC just how he knows about that incident, as that knowledge was not yet been cleared for the PC's security level.
This mission's code number is SUSID. It seems that Armed forces has allowed a malfunctioning WarBot to escape from the repair area. It is feared that the warbot is planning on destroying the fusion generators which power Alpha Complex. Such a destruction could result in widespread unhappiness through Alpha Complex. As a consequence, the computer in his glorious wisdom has decided to send the JCA to deal with the matter. You are immediately to report to R&D for special gear. After collecting your gear, you are to to track the 'bot and after preventing it from destroying the generators, take great care to bring it back to this briefing room intact. The computer wishes to talk to it about its failure. Remember, the Warbot is computer property, do not damage it
After describing the mission, Runn will assign whichever PC has used up the most clones as Team leader. Next, pick whichever player has done the least so far, and make him the communications and recording officer. Runn will hand him a multicorder. If the PCs decide to ask run about any recommended means for capturing the 'bot, he will instruct them to try visiting Armed Forces. Someone there might have advice on how to deal with it. Unfortunately, there is one slight problem in the information given the PCs in the briefing. Unfortunately, when this message was being transmitted from from office to office, one of the clones had a reading disorder. As a consequence, he misunderstood the last few lines of the briefing. It seems that the computer really has no desire to 'talk' with the warbot. In fact, it really just wants to see it destroyed, before Alpha Complex goes up in smoke. In the meantime, while the PCs try to come up with a way to capture it, our favorite Warbot will be rolling closer and closer to the powercore. If the PCs go to Armed Forces, proceed to Scene 4. If they go to R&D go to Scene 3.
SCENE 3: ...With the most toys wins! Carefully following your ears towards the loudest explosions, you eventually find your way to R&D. Walking into R&D's main office, you see a yellow clone standing behind a counter. A long yellow cape flows from his shoulders, and he wears a hood with two strange horns coming from his temples. The hood covers his face down to his nose. On his chest is an emblem, vaguely reminiscent of a flybot. He looks up as you enter he looks at you, and says, "I'm Canar-Y-Man"
Canar-Y-Man looks the PCs over, and says, "I've seen your kind before. What is it this time?" Until one of the PCs identifies themselves as being on mission number SUSID, Canar will continue to be unhelpful.If the PCs don't think of this after a few moments, have one of them make a Moxie roll. If they succeed, they'll notice a huge sign hanging above the counter. It reads, "TROUBLESHOOTERS: Present your mission number upon arrival!"When the PCs do give their number, Canar will pull out a large stack of forms for them to sign. He will hand them a black pencil, and will have each of them sign three times.
If anyone demands to inspect their equipment before signing, Canar will pull out a book about 10 inches thick. Plopping it down on the countertop, he will say, "Latest regulations from the computer. All Troubleshooters need to sign before receiving equipment. It's right here from pages 1-15672. Read it for yourself if you don't believe me!" The book is entitled, Regulations revision 237.3452.91. Canar will go and start shuffling through boxes out of sight behind the counter. Several loud explosions will be heard, and then an ash covered Canar will return bearing a large box. He will places the box on the counter top, and then say, "Fortunately I was wearing my Canar-Y underwear." Seconds later, Canar will collapse out of sight behind the counter. The box is made of red cardboard and is labeled in black, SUSID squad members only! When the PCs open the box, hand them Player Handout #2.For exactly what all of the R&D equipment does, refer to Appendix 2.
If the PCs go to armed forces to look for a way to capture the Warbot, go to scene 4. If they just decide to try and pick up the trail of the Warbot where they last saw it, go to scene 5.
SCENE 4: Military Intelligence Entering the Armed Services department, you see a loyal servant of the computer standing behind the counter. Dressed in an indigo uniform, is an incredibly cheerful looking man. As you enter, he speaks up and says, "Greeting friends, how can I, Gee-I-Joe help you serve the computer?"
If the PCs ask him about the Warbot, he will immediately tell them it's above their security clearance. And then, in a cheerful voice ask them how exactly they found out about the warbot? He will also cheerfully point an Indigo laser rifle at the PCs. Unless they mention that they are on SUSID mission, Gee will proceed to exterminate them.
If they do, Gee will tell them to wait a moment, and then will leave the counter. Moments later, he will return with an old-looking clone in tow. He will introduce his companion as Sargent-R-OCK. Gee will tell them that Sargent was in charge of all maintenance on this particular 'bot. He might be able to help them. Gee will then show the six of them to a room where they can talk.While Sargent is a nice old guy, he's also senile. He'll happily tell the PCs story upon story about back when he was a young clone. He'll tell fun and creative stories about his trips into the outdoors, and growing up fighting communists. During the conversation, the PCs will constantly need to remind Sargent what their questions are. For every phrase that Sargent says which is relevant to the tank, he'll talk for several minutes about military situations irrelevant to it. He especially enjoys talking about old war wounds. Like the time a bottle of Bouncy bubble beverage exploded when he was in an enclosed tankbot. Or the time when he was flying in a Vulture Warrior 920, and the controls short circuited, giving him some nasty second degree burns. He's got stories for his stories, and all of them are boring. Sargent is also thrilled to have an audience for his stories. It's been yearcycles since he was able to actually tell most of them. A captive audience is his dream! However, all of them are also incredibly loyal to the computer. No treason here.
Here's what the PCs can get out of Sargent, if they manage to manipulate the conversation to one of these areas: 1) The Warbot has a leaky fusion battery. If they can get a trick shot off, they might be able to cause the battery to explode, thus destroying the warbot. (This, of course, goes against orders.) 2) The Warbot tends to have a problem with it's left tread. If they force it to drive over a non-flat surface, it's left tread will probably snap, thus immobilizing it. 3) The Warbot's laser cannon has been known to malfunction, if they can plug something into the barrel, it will no longer fire. 4) The Warbot has an odd aversion to water. If the PCs can flood the corridors, it will drive away from the water. 5) The Warbot has a strong attraction for bouncy bubbly beverage. If the PCs have some, they could lure the warbot wherever they wanted by the scent of bouncy bubble beverage. (Of course, to get some, they'll have to deal with PLC...)
After the PCs have either gotten bored with Sargent, or have gotten all of the information out of him, Sargent will fall asleep. For no apparent reason, he'll just pass out, either against a wall in a charge, or crumpling to the floor. When this happens, Gee will walk in, and pick him up. He will then say, "Alright, maggots. Get to work! You've used up enough of Armed forces time." Apparently Gee has had a change of personality. He will now be rude, and forceful, in his attempts to get the PCs out of Armed forces. If they want to go to PLC to get some Bouncy Bubble Beverage, if time permits make them wait in line and deal with a used car salesman type clerk named Klev-R-GUY. Klev will desperately attempt to weasel a bribe from the PCs. However, in return for a generous bribe (100+ plasticreds) , Klev will cut a deal with them, providing them with a full keg (c. 100 bottles) of Bouncy Bubble Beverage. If the PCs now go to R&D, go to scene 3. If they go to try to pick up the warbot's trail, go to scene 5.
SCENE 5: Hot pursuit The PCs may at this time be following the warbot's trail in one of two ways. On foot, or by Drill machine. If they are taking the drill machine, at one point, it mysteriously ceases to function. From the inside they can find nothing wrong with it. When they exit the machine they find themselves in the room described below.
If this is the PCs are walking, they can follow the trail from the room where this scenario began. Make certain that you know what order the PCs are travelling in, if this is the case. After jumping through a number of holes in the floor and in walls, they abruptly come to a room filled with about 30 clones. On the other side of the clones, another hole in the wall is clearly visible. The clones are of a variety of different security clearances. However, as soon as the PCs enter the room, the whole crowd turns and stares at them.
Glancing around the room more thoroughly, the PCs notice a huge banner streaming from wall to wall. In rather bold print, it reads, "ANTI-MUTANT MEETING." A man in a yellow business suit, wearing peculiar red-orange sunglasses walks out towards the PCs. He's pointing a laser pistol towards the PCs with one hand. As he gets closer, he says, "Hi, I'm Peterg-Y-RIK. And for your sakes, I really hope this is a joke."
All thirty of the clones in the room have laser pistols pointed towards the PCs. Now is the time for some very impressive fast-talking, bootlicking, and if all else fails, running on the parts of the PCs. Allow the PCs to try whatever they want here. Keep in mind that Peterg is fairly intelligent, and is going to be difficult to trick.
If the PCs try to fight their way through this mess, get descriptive and creative in the ways they die. Every PC will lose a clone in this encounter if they try to fight. (Well, one exception, if a player is on his last clone, and gets creative, let him survive.)
If they do all lose clones, the computer will be sympathetic, and have the clones appear on the other side of the room. (The side they were trying to ge to.) If the PCs escape the encounter alive, and return to the drill machine, it will have mysteriously started working once more. After the PCs have made it through this encounter, take them through a mindless variety of twists and turns that the Warbot apparently took. Tell them they travel for several hours. After a bit, the devastation they encounter begins to look more recent. As the devastation looks more recent, the area also begins to look more deserted. After a bit the PCs find themselves in a deserted portion of Alpha Complex. Here the lights are a bit dimmer, and the air is a bit more stale than usual. The tread tracks of the Warbot can also be easily followed here -- the 6 inch deep dust really leaves clear prints.
When you've decided the PCs have gone through enough of this, proceed to Scene 6.
SCENE 6: Judgement Day Ahead of you, two things are clearly visible. One is a bright green light glowing from a doorway at the end of the hallway. The other is a familiar outline which is driving towards the doorway. Driving? Oh yeah, it's the Warbot. It hasn't yet noticed you, but it will pass through the doorway ahead in about 25 seconds. Right now, it's about 30 meters away.
The PCs can now choose a way to try and get the warbot's attention and to prevent it from getting through the doorway at the end of the hall. The doorway, of course, conveniently leads into one of the primary fusion generators for Alpha Complex. They now have exactly 5 combat rounds in which to act.
The PCs now have a number of options open to them. However, only a few of them will work. Pelting the Warbot with laser pistol fire, however is not one them. Laser pistols will not even get the 'bot's attention. This would also damage the 'bot, which goes directly against orders.
A few of the possibilities are as follows:
The PCs might attempt to strike up a conversation with the 'bot. This is possible only if they ask it about old battles. The 'bot is used to working with Sargent-R-OCK, and enjoys listening to war stories. If they start swapping war stories, the 'bot will turn and follow them wherever they choose to go.
The PCs can disable the Warbot using the Absorption Net or the Bubble Gun from R&D. If they use the Absorption net, one of the PCs will need to get up close to the warbot, and make a Robot maintenance roll. If he succeeds, he was able to reprogram the 'bot so that it would follow them back to the briefing room. Remember, the PC only has five minutes time to do this in. If it takes longer, the absorption net releases it's charge... ouch...
The PCs might also choose to attempt to lead the 'bot astray using Bouncy Bubbly Beverage. If anyone opens a bottle of this within earshot of the Warbot, it will abruptly turn and start driving towards that clone. The Warbot has a peculiar fascination with the substance, and particularly enjoys using this for reserve fuel. The Warbot will then follow the bottle anywhere at breakneck speed. This could result in a chase back to the briefing room.
Attempting to plug up the cannon on the Warbot is an altogether bad idea. While Sargent-R-OCK suggested this, he wasn't thinking all too clearly at the time. If they do this, the laser will merely blast through the substance blocking it. If the substance is explosive, a large explosion will also result
If the PCs attempt to blow out the warbot's engine, they may do so at a -8 to hit. A successful shot will cause the warbot to explode. If the explosion happens before the warbot gets into the room with the fusion generator, everything is OK. Well, sort of. The Explosion does 10E damage to everyone in the hallway. If it happens after it gets into the room with the fusion generator, this is bad. The resultant explosion is best viewed from a safe distance. The moon is a relatively safe distance.
If the warbot manages to make it into the room with the fusion generator, it will abruptly destroy the shielding on the generator. Once more, we have a large explosion. If such an explosion occurs close the module, describe the tremendous explosion which blew the Earth out of orbit. Be colorful, and tell exactly what it looked like as it shot out of the solar system. Then, tell the PCs to start reading their character sheets. That's a possible ending.
There are probably a wide variety of other solutions to stopping the Warbot. If the PCs come up with anything that seems reasonable, let it work. Things that are less reasonable, but funny might also work. Lastly, anything that's absolutely absurd, will work on a good die roll.
If the PCs have managed to avoid the complete destruction of Alpha complex, the computers voice will emit from the multicorder. The computer will give them orders to immediately report back to Briefing room HERO for debriefing. Allow the PCs to come up with an interesting way of transporting the Warbot back, especially if it's treads are damaged. The drill machine, if rehydrated, could be used as a sort of tow truck for the warbot if all else fails.
When the PCs finally return to HERO room, with or without the 'bot, proceed to Scene 7.
SCENE 7: The Truth? Returning to HERO briefing room, you see that Runn-Y-NOZ is once more seated at his desk. The computer screen behind him is clearly active, and observing you as you enter. Runn collects remaining R&D devices from each of you, and hands each of you an R&D report form, telling you that you can turn that in later. The computer then speaks, "Good work citizens. Your triumph in the Warbot crisis was clear, and the multicorder tape shall be broadcast throughout Alpha Complex as a record of your valiant efforts. Now, do you have anything of interest to report?"
The computer looks directly at the team leader as he says the last. Now is the time for all reports of treason, communism, and secret society membership. Runn will not take part in any of this. Throughout their discussion, he will simply sit at his desk and take notes. If the fact that all of the team members were IntSec agents comes out during the debriefing, Runn will look shocked. He will then take a notepad out of his pocket, tear it up, and toss it into a waste disposal chute. If the PCs brought the warbot back with them, Runn will connect a cord to the 'bot. After several moments, the computer and the 'bot will carry on a brief conversation concerning power types. Make it sound comparable to a discussion that two people would have about different types of food. After they finish talking, the warbot will nod its cannon in a sort of bow, and roll out. If anyone asks where it is going, the computer will explain that the 'bot is being returned to active duty. It had just had a temporary psychological instability which has now been taken care of. Remember, questioning the computer's judgement, is, of course, treason.After the players have completed their accusations, and several party members have been executed, the computer will award a promotion to one member of the team. Whichever PC did the best job of convincing the computer that he was a loyal follower during the debriefing wins it. When this is completed, the adventure ends.

Appendix 1 THE WARBOT
LUNATIC WARBOT: Armor: All6. Weapon: Laser Cannon III (DN:13, Type: L, Fires 1/rd.) Skills: Laser Weapon:10, Intimidation: 15. The bot moves at a maximum rate of 1.5 meters/sec. The Warbot is a renegade from Armed Forces. After years and years of dealing with power spikes when his fusion batteries were recharged, this Warbot got mad. It's decided to take his revenge on the central power core of Alpha Complex, and nothing's going to stop him. The 'bot is quite irrational at this point, and convincing it that it won't get any more power spikes could be difficult. Impressive use of spurious logic might allow a PC to outwit it and calm it down. The 'bot has a weak spot for the taste of Bouncy bubble beverage. It will do just about anything to get it's fuel tank filled with the substance.
Appendix 2 Stuff from R&D
Skin tight suits: Each of these suits provides the character wearing it with Armor equal to All6. However, as a consequence of it's tightness, anyone who wears it has their voice raised several octaves. If they want to wear the suit, make sure that they role-play the voice. Bubble Gun: The gun-like device labeled "Guaranteed Safe" actually is. The only problem is that it's safe for the person shot too. All this weapon does is blow bubbles. LOTS and LOTS of bubbles, but nothing else. If used against the Warbot, it will cause the moving 'bot to skid in such a way that it's left tread is blown out. The red plastic backpack is a rocketpack. As soon as the dial is twisted, the rockets on the back activate. With them, activates the missilebot pilot. Unfortunately, someone at R&D forgot to reprogram the missilebot so that it knew NOT to crash into things. Once it's turned on, the machine cannot be turned off again. Controlling the flight of the pack is also impossible. Any PC who activates it while wearing it will require a difficult agility roll. If they succeed, they manage to slip the pack off of their shoulders before it rockets down the hallway and explodes against a wall. If they fail, they explode down the hall with it... The Absorption Net is a one-shot device designed to absorb all of the energy in an area. When activated, it will shut down all 'bots, lights, power, and sensors in a 25 meter radius. This will work to deactivate the tank 'bot. However, the Net only works for 5 minutes. After that time, the Net will explode releasing all the energy into a 10 meter radius. This release will do 10E damage to all in the area. The Dehydrated Drill machine is just that. Just add water, and you have instant transportation. The machine travels by rolling on treads and tunneling through walls, floors, ceilings, etc. The machine is driven by a very destructive pilotbot. It will make a point of driving through as many obstacles as possible on the trip. Also, to preserve the sanity of the passengers, the machine was built so that they could not see where they are going. They simply give the 'bot instructions and he pilots. Of course, any damage the 'bot does is chargeable to the PC who signed for it later. The only real flaw with the device is that every 30 minutes game time, the machine requires a new dose of water. Two minutes before this happens, a light will flash on the dashboard, and a lid will pop open. A 'bot voice will activate saying, "Add fuel immediately." The voice will not explain what kind of fuel is needed. If at least a glass of water is not added within two minutes, the whole machine rapidly shrinks back into a one inch cube, collapsing whatever is inside of it with it.
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2022.01.19 03:55 The_blueblob Opinions on new item icons

I don't like most of them. The fishes especially. The life saver looks worse, the fish are just recolored, the rare pepe looks weird, the statue was barely changed and the garbage actually looks better. Sorry if I'm a bit harsh but I dont really like them.
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2022.01.19 03:55 Moses_The_Wise Most interesting player race you've had at the table?

What was the most unique/rare player race you've had played at your table?
For my table, it was a treacherous (but fuckable) bullywug bard named Gilblat.
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2022.01.19 03:55 Block-Busted 'Beowulf' (2007) - This animated film by Robert Zemeckis had a budget of $150 million and grossed $196.4 million worldwide. It currently holds 71% on RottenTomatoes with 6.5/10 average and 59/100 on Metacritic. It is the most expensive PG-13-rated animated film of all time.

'Beowulf' (2007) - This animated film by Robert Zemeckis had a budget of $150 million and grossed $196.4 million worldwide. It currently holds 71% on RottenTomatoes with 6.5/10 average and 59/100 on Metacritic. It is the most expensive PG-13-rated animated film of all time. submitted by Block-Busted to boxoffice [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 03:55 usrenmea Driggs, ID Fuels Crew?

Has anyone here been on the fuels crew in Driggs, ID? If so, how was your experience? How much overtime did you get? Any information you have on the crew and the overall experience would be greatly appreciated.
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2022.01.19 03:55 God_Shen How to win against Darius

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2022.01.19 03:55 lunascorpio12 advice + medical marijuana

Hey y’all! First time poster so wanted to first say thank you for this incredible community- I’ve found so much comfort here already! I am posting because I have been on opioid therapy for 2 years now, which is the only thing that really touches my severe endo pain. The problem is I am 21 years old and my pain doctor insists I am too young to be taking these medications for a long period which, yes, is true but I’m not too young to be in debilitating pain am I? I’m not too young to have endometriosis am I? That’s been frustrating and I switched doctors within the same practice but she still reports to my previous doc it seems so any advice on navigating that so I can continue to have the most helpful treatment would be great! Secondly, she gave me a referral for a doctor that prescribed medical marijuana. I would do edibles because I don’t want to smoke- have any of you tried this and found it helpful? Would love to hear your experiences
sorry for the long post! I expect I’ll be posting a lot more here in the future as I am on medical leave from school and am planning to try to have an excision lap and possible hysterectomy.
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2022.01.19 03:55 AlphaDawg00 Smoking carts

Does any one have any answers to this
as of last month everytime I smoke a cart and start to get high I get this uncomfortable feeling on the left side of my chest its not necessarily painful just uncomfortable, I even took a week break but I still get that feeling, it ruins my high. This just started happening literally last month. Idk if weed gives me the same feeling bc Its been a while since I smoked weed. Idk if the cart is bad I haven't tried smoking another cart bc im kinda worried ima get that sane feeling again
Thank you if anyone's answers
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2022.01.19 03:55 Jhon0132 How soon should you try to close the gap?

We're going on 3 years now.Im 24m she's 28f. Now she wants to move even further away.... We're only about a 4hr drive from each other right now. We met in university and dated for almost a whole year in person before she moved back to where her family is. We're both in canada. But since about August last year she's been strongly hinting at the idea of pursuing masters degree in England for 3 more years to start this upcoming September 2022.
I was kind of hoping that maybe she'd ask me to go with her. (she's opossed to the idea of moving in together before marriage) But i could just get my own place if she wanted me to. I would definitely do so if she asked me...but I'm not sure its what she really wants. Since she hadn't asked me by now or had even mentioned/tried to talk about how it would affect our relationship. I recently asked her about it and she said "she couldn't do that to me". I do own a couple business in my community (the same town we're we met originally) which i think maybe thats one of the reasons she must have said that? But we have talked about this before. She's told me that she never wants to move here again and that if we were going to be together id have to move to where she's at, toronto. Which is also something I would've been ok with. So if I were to move there id have to close my businesses to do so either way. She's a city girl... I guess the way of life where I'm from just wasn't for her...I live in a lot smaller city then toronto but its not super rural either.
We also don't really see each other too often now since I'm always working and she is too. But at the end of the day thats not really why since we could always make time if we really wanted to. With this whole co*id thing she's been wanting to keep more distance and meet up less. We've met up 2 times the past year and a half. It was her choice to stop seeing each other so often when it started. Since for the brief period between when she moved away and the start of "it" we had originally agreed to meet once a month. I dont know of many couples who would have let the current global situation affect their relationship as such when they had the opportunity to still still see each other whenever they wanted. Due to that we had been struggling lately... the frequency and the way she comunnicates with me, not to mention the effort she puts into the relationship has really deteriorated more and more throughout the last 1.5 years. I've also talk to her about that with little to no change.
I really do love her....and I want to be with her more then anything but the way im starting to rationalize things given the way our relationship has been going the last year and a half it might mean the worse for us long term if we're talking about 3 more years after this upcoming September. I don't know what to do... I feel like all I could do was express my concern, and/or even mentioned that i would go with her if she wanted me to but that didn't really help at all. I don't even know if she's taking our relationship seriously anymore. I don't fell like she is... I don't want to start thinking its over before its over. But I don't know what to do anymore... should I just let it be and give her her space and we'll see what happens? Any advice would really help...maybe you can rationalize things differently? or maybe give a different perspective? What would you do in my shoes?
Tl;dr how should you try to close the gap in a ldr?
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2022.01.19 03:55 Le_french_memelord me_irl

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2022.01.19 03:55 Club96shhh Martha Stewart Is Releasing a New Wine with 19 Crimes

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2022.01.19 03:55 Bitchwithhammer Man Suffers "Agonizing" Penile Blood Clot Caused By COVID

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